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Donald G. Strachan, MSc, CPG
Consultant: Economic Geology, Mining, & Hydrogeology
Regional: Nevada, Great Basin, North America
Global: Middle East, Asia, Africa

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Curriculum Vitae Update: 30 November, 2020

Gold, Copper, and Strategic Metals

– Regional, District, Mine, Deposit, and Prospect evaluations -

On-ground evaluations of economic geology have been completed and reported upon in Alaska, British Columbia, Yukon, Idaho, California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, North Dakota, Nebraska, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Peru, Russia, Turkey, Sudan, Eritrea, and Ethiopia. Additional exploration and mining properties were researched elsewhere in Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, North America, and islands of the Western Pacific. The search continues for economic gold, copper, uranium, and by-product metals and metaloids at operating mines and new deposits and prospects for clients.


Chandalar Au, Eastern Brooks Range, AK (2011)
Clear Creek CuAu, Chistochina District, AK (2002)
Eidemiller (Tjosevig) Cu, Nizina District, AK (2001)
Green Butte CuAg, Nizina District, AK (2002)
Motherlode-Coalition Cu , McCarthy District, AK (1999)
Nyac Au, Nyac District, AK (2007)
Rainbow Au, Goodpaster District, AK (2007)

British Columbia

Andrews AuAgCuCdPbTe, Omenica Division, BC (2010)
Bertha AuTe, Greenwood Division, BC (2009)
Big Hammer AuTe, Skeena Division, BC (2012)
Big Onion Mo, Omenica Division, BC (2010)
Black Bull AuTe, Omenica Division, BC (2010)
Bonaparte AuTe, Kamloops Division, BC (2009)
Deer Horn AuAgTeW, Omenica Division, BC (2010)
Dentonia AuTe, Greenwood Division, BC (2009)
Diamond Hitch AuTe, Greenwood Division, BC (2009)
Emerald Glacier AgPbZnAu, Omenica Division, BC (2009)
Gibraltar CuAu, Cariboo Division, BC (2008)
Golden Crown AuTe, Greenwood Division, BC (2009)
IXL-Emma AuTe, Omenica Division, BC (2010)
King AuTe, Liard Division, BC (2008)
KRL AuTe, Liard Division, BC (2008)
Mount Polley CuAu, Cariboo Division, BC (2009)
Nahmint CuAuTe, Alberni Division, BC (2010)
Phoenix AuCuTe District, Greenwood, BC (2009)
QR AuAgW, Cariboo Division, BC (2009)
Spanish Mountain AuAgPbCuZn, Cariboo Division, BC (2009)
Texada Island CuAuTe, Nanaimo Division, BC (2009)


Bagdad Chase AuTe, San Bernadino County, CA (2009)
Cactus Au, Kern County, CA (2009)
Chalfant Au Mill, Inyo County, CA (2010)
Darwin PbZnAgWAuTe District, Inyo County, CA (2010)
La Dama de Oro Au , San Bernadino County , CA (2003)  
Midas-Hall District Au, Shasta County, CA (2004)
Occidental Group Au, Imperial County, CA (2011)
Rio Vista gas, Solano County, CA (2004)
Hoff Ranch gas, Tehama County, CA (2004)
Washington-Niagara Au, French Gulch District, Shasta County, CA (2004)
Wolf Creek Au, Plumas County, CA (2002)


Ugaro License Au , Baraka, Eritrea (1997)


Lega Dembi AuTe , Adola Goldfield, Ethiopia (2008)


Pinos AgAu, Zacatecas, Mexico (2008)
Penasquito AuPbZnAgTe, Zacatecas, Mexico (2008)
Plateros AgAu, Zacatecas, Mexico (2008)


Borealis District AuTe , Mineral County, NV (2008)
Como District AuAg , Lyon County, NV (2003)
Douglas County Au (new), Douglas County, NV (2012)
Fondaway Canyon AuW , Churchill County, NV (2003)
Golden Arrow AuTe, Nye County, NV (2005)
Gold Wedge Au, Manhattan District, NV (2005)
Grantsville Summit Au , Nye County, NV (2003)
HC Au, Cortez-Buckhorn District, Eureka County, NV (2004)
King Tonopah AuAg, Tonopah District, Nye County, NV (2006)
Mason Valley U, Lyon County, NV (2004)
Masonic AuTe, Masonic District, CA-NV (2009)
Mineral County Cu-Au (new), Mineral County, NV (2012)
Mountain View Au, Deep Hole District, Washoe, NV (1999)
NF Au, Tabletop District, Pershing County, NV (2003)
North Springs Au, Mineral Ridge, Esmeralda NV (2005)
Seven Troughs Au District, Pershing, NV (2003)
Silver Reef, Corcoran District, Nye County, NV (2011)
Tonopah Divide Au, Tonopah Divide District, Esmeralda County, NV (2010)
Walker Basin U, Lyon and Mineral Counties, NV (2005)
Walker River Basin hydrogeology CA-NV – model, strategies, resolution (2000-2006)

New Brunswick

Brunswick ZnPbAgCuAu , Bathurst, NB (2008)
Caribou-Restigouche ZnPbAgCuAu , Bathurst, NB (2008)
Mount Pleasant WMoCuIn, South Fredricton, NB (2008)
Sisson Brook WMoCu, Stanley, NB (2008)


Beaverbrook Sb , NF (2008)
Buchans VMS District, NF (2008)
Ming CuPbZnAgAuTe, Baie Verte, NF (2008)
Nugget Pond Au, Baie Verte, NF (2008)
Pine Cove Au, Baie Verte, NF (2008)
Rambler South AuCuTe, NF (2010)
Viking Au, NF (2010)

New Mexico

Oro Grande Au , Otero County, NM (2009)

North Dakota

Conners U , Williston Basin, ND (2007)


Chipmo AuAgTe, Orcopampa District, Peru (2011)


Tenkin Au District, Siberia, Russia (2012)


Dago Post Transect , Longochuk County, Upper Nile, Sudan (2009)


Round Top UREE , Sierra Blanca District, West Texas (2010)


Altintepe Au , Fatsa District, Ordu, Republic of Turkey (2002) -  Gold geology and exploration


Big Creek AuTe placers , Dawson Range, Yukon (2010)
Revenue-Nucleus AuTe , Freegold District, Yukon (2010)
Miller and Glacier creek Au placers , Sixty Mile District, Yukon (2010)
Sonora AuCuTe , Dawson Range, Yukon (2010)